Universum Heavylift Group Office in Germany

If you are looking for a reputable professional company to make a big difference in the type of services you provide to your customers, then we can help. We are looking forward to deal with you anytime. Our highly motivated and professional staff will assist your needs and inquiry. If you wish to contact anyone at Universum Heavylift Group , please use any of the methods below and our team will gladly help with your enquiry:

phone Call us on our Business Number
+49 40 780 89050
mail Universum Heavylift Group GmbH
Australiastraße – Schuppen 52 B
email Send an e-mail for further information to

Our advisors are available over phone from 8:30 am until 5.30pm, Sunday through Thursday except bank and public holidays.

Come in and see us or give us a call. Our supportive and enthusiastic staffs are ready and waiting.

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