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Universum Heavylift Group is one of the leading and most competitive Heavy Lift Shipping,Logistics and Construction Equipment Rental company based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, U.A.E with a wide network of our own international offices in United Kingdom, India, Poland and Germany to serve clients in Middle East and Europe. We are specialized in lifting, handling, transporting and shipping of heavy machinery, Industrial Plant and specialist cargo throughout UAE ,GCC and Europe . With over 15 years of combined experience and an extensive expert contact list, Universum Heavylift Group can handle your complex project with the help of our highly skilled and excellent team of Engineers, Riggers and Supervisors. We deliver flexible solutions for heavy cargo transportation focusing on speed, security, and safety.


  • Project Handling & Heavy Cargo Transportation
  • Heavy Equipment & Heavy Lift Shipping
  • Construction Equipment Rental
  • Multimodal Transport/ MCC /MCG
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Relocation of Machinery & Industrial Plant
  • Container Loading/Unloading Service

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